About James

My paintings are an attempt to capture the beauty of the imperfect, decaying world around us. I find enormous pleasure in the colours and textures of a piece of rusting metal or a peeling wooden door. I don't look to reproduce these images, rather I want to capture the essence of the thing, the play of colours and textures.

The work is also heavily influenced by Zen, (a subject close to my heart) and I try to work in a state of empty mind, letting the picture tell me where to go, rather than trying desperately to create a particular image. The majority of my art career has been based around illustration and realism and I have come to realise that it's only when I let the work flow naturally from me, that I truly love the things emerge. 

I work in a range of techniques that allow myself, nature and entropy work together on the painting. After all, the subject matters which inspire me are usually made by man and then eroded by weather, pollution and time.

Because of the way I work, dozens of beautiful details are naturally created within the work which is something I find utterly captivating. 

This mirrors nature where although a forest is beautiful, so is a tree, and a leaf, and if you can get close enough, even the veins on the leaf and it's very cells are stunning to behold.

The process I use to create my paintings mimics the process which creates the surfaces I use for inspiration - layer upon layer of colour and texture, which I abrade and erode allowing lower layers to show through in some places and not others. 

Using traditional painting methods I could never achieve the exquisite textures that are found on the canvas. Much as I would like to take all the credit, I simply allow the universe to express itself in a way we can enjoy in our homes.