Storms on Io - Original Painting by James Norbury

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Original Acrylic on Canvas

39.5 x 59 x 1.5 inches

This statement piece stands 1.5 metres high and is suggestive of a great storm in a strange world. 

I love to create distant, indistinct landscapes. My imagine wanders off imagining what those far off places are like and what wonders they hold. When I paint these kinds of landscapes, I feel like I'm painting my dreams and meditations.

I seldom have a concept in mind when starting a picture. I create my pieces in an attempt to express the things inside me which I cannot explain. I spent many years drawing realistic images and illustrating books and found the process generally unsatisfying as the pictures rarely turned out like the ideas in my head. 

The work I create now, is a collaboration between myself, nature and entropy. I influence the picture, but I am not in control of it. 

This painting is ready to hang and does not require framing. 

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